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At Colonial, we have been working in the interior design sector in Canada for quite a while, and we realize that

in any venture, stairs are structural design components that frequently become the primary hero.

When choosing an interior step design, there are various sorts of stairs.

Sorts of interior step design

Straight or single-length inward flight of stairs

It is the sort of stepping stool that is generally utilized in interior design projects. This sort of development based stepping stool

is essentially a straight-up stepping stool, yet at the design level, its excellence can be effortlessly misused.

Interior flight of stairs as "U"

This sort of interior step design, molded like the letter U when seen on the ground, is a half-turn step that

has two arrivals and every one has a 90 ° turn; otherwise called a twofold L stepping stool.

Indoor flight of stairs in "L" shape

This kind of flight of stairs, molded like the letter L when seen on the ground plan, is a flight of stairs comprised of two

straight segments associated with a middle of the road arrival, framing a correct point. Additionally called a quarter-turn

stepping stool.

shape miniaturized scale concrete indoor step design

flight of stairs

Inside diagonal and round flight of stairs

This style of interior step design is one of the most delightful because of its trademark circle shape. It is

likewise, one of the stairs that occupy less room. It is a winding flight of stairs whose barrel is formed like an oval.

It is additionally one of the stairs that occupy less room.

The sedative level we have seen the characterization of sorts of stairs yet additionally interior stairs likewise have more

benefits utilitarian level as utilizing stairs or inside the flight of stairs as a storage zone.

Interiorismo we remember these factors of utilization and usefulness when we design our interiors, (metal stairs)in

request to exploit the storage space.

The significance of materials in the design of interior stairs

In any interior, you will get some style contingent upon the materials you use to design your flight of stairs:

either concrete, of miniaturized scale concrete, of stone, with mirrors, of glass, of wood, of steel ...

Any of the referenced materials will give your stepping stool its own particular style. For instance, if the flight of stairs is

designed to be made of glass, it will feel light and exceptionally straightforward. Rather, a flight of stairs made of solid will

be a significantly heavier step both truly and outwardly.

stone step design

Catalan volta flight of stairs with Tova wraps up

Metal and stone flight of stairs

Indoor stairs as per the interior design and enhancement style of each house

Indoor stairs for modern houses: the best for this style of houses are glass or mirror stairs, since as we

have said they are a sort of stairs that transmit delicacy and extensive size and are satisfying to the eye.

As it is a modern interior design, you can make a unique step design, for instance, with bends or with a

design that pulls in a great deal of consideration.

Indoor stairs for provincial houses: for this style of houses the best material is wood, both the grain of the wood

what's more, the wood itself makes it resemble a rural flight of stairs.

Indoor office staircases: for workplaces, there is nothing superior to steel, steel gives a mechanical touch to

the flight of stairs, and yet rich; It is likewise acceptable to get the design together with some wood, as on the means,

along these lines we don't make such an immense flight of stairs and simultaneously we make a design of two shades and

various materials.

design stairs

How to make and design a step?

In the event that in your interior design venture you need to contribute your feeling while making and figuring the

measurements of a step, its impressions, risers, and arrivals, we present you the best approach to design the step of your

dreams. (Taxi to Heathrow)

The design of the stairs is normally utilized by a planner or interior designer, yet anybody can fabricate a flight of stairs

in the event that they wish.

With a little assistance and a little math anybody can design a stepping stool in conditions:

Figure steps

Knowing the stature and space accessible for the step, you just need to utilize Bondel's Law to ascertain the

impression, riser, and number of steps for a step, the essential guideline of this law being as per the following:

2 risers + 1 track = 64 cm. Being the standard estimation of: riser = 18 cm, and impression = 28 cm, these

values ​​may change marginally.

To ascertain the quantity of steps, the stature is taken and separated by the worth built up for

the riser, that is:

riser tallness/stature = number of steps. Model: 300/18 = 16.6 = 17 stages.

Coblonal 2 microcement step

Figure impression and riser

Utilizing a similar law and similar qualities, continue to compute the impressions and risers with the accompanying


Risers: tallness/number of steps. That is: 300/17 = 17.65 cm, this number being the tallness of the riser.

To ascertain the impression, we simply supplant the information in the first equation of '2 risers + 1 Footprint = 64 cm.

That is: 64 - (multiple times the riser) = impression.

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